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The CCG Way


We acquire the right property in a growing market. We network with brokers and run our own direct-to-seller system in order to find value-add deals.


While we leverage third-party property managers to deal with day-to-day tenant relations, we are involved actively in the day-to-day financial management and construction management of the asset. We ensure renovations are being completed on time.


We sell the property during favorable market conditions to maximize returns

Why Multifamily?

There are many reasons to consider multifamily properties as part of your investment portfolio.

Historical Stability

Over the past four decades multifamily investments have provided returns that exceed all other real estate property classes.

Increasing Demand

U.S. population growth is to exceed 60 million over the next 25 vears.

Build Cash Flow

Multifamily properties can provide strong cash flow, which can be used to cover expenses and/or reinvest in other opportunities.

Strategic Forced Appreciation

Multi-family properties are appraised based on the Net Operating Income (NOI) they generate, making it easier to increase value through efficient management.

Hedge Against Inflation

As inflation causes price levels to rise, the price of your real estate and the cost to duplicate the property will increase.

Our Unique Advantages

In-house Construction Management

We take an active role to keep construction costs low. True wealth in real estate is created through value-add renovations on a scale. Instead of putting our faith in a third-party general contractor, we take pride in being vertically integrated by keeping this function in-house, manage an internal team of contractors and source all materials from wholesale distributors .

Geographically hyper-focused

We exclusively focus on three key markets in Ohio: Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus. We have a unique home-field advantage with our network of contractors, lenders, maintenance crew, property managers and we have become local experts after years of investing in the same area(s).

No Middle-men

We don’t outsource investor relations or operations. When you invest with us, you get direct access to both Jay and Jason. We treat investor capital as if it were our own and we are active operators across our deals.

Clear business plan

We focus on value-add 20-150 unit multifamily in central and southern Ohio. We invest in C or B-class value-add assets in B or A-class areas. We’ve built a successful track record by refining our strategy over many years. We stay laser focused on what we’re good at.

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